Professional Counseling Services

I offer a broad range of counseling services through individual and group sessions based on therapeutic intervention to meet the needs of a diverse client roster. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are forms of psychotherapy that can be used to address a number of traumatic disorders by working to change ways of thinking that are not constructive to solving current problems.  Each method of treatment, has its own unique benefit and target clients.  My first priority is understanding my client’s needs and expectations by creating a positive relationship. After successfully achieving the first goal, we decide a course of treatment together.

Individual Counseling

As the name suggests, individual counseling offers one-on-one intervention to address specific client needs. Ideal treatment for those struggling with mood, personality, or compulsive disorders, individual counseling is well suited to  clients feeling overwhelmed by life and without the tools to reach their personal goals.

Group Counseling

I am a firm believer in the power of group therapy. Many people deal with issues that are familiar to others, and spending time with those in similar circumstances  not only removes the sense of isolation that comes when an individual assumes they are alone in their experience, but the common bonds and honest feedback from group can provide an unmatched sense of validation and lead to significant personal insight.

Groups currently forming:

  • Veterans Support Group / Open Process — this is an open group for veteran coping with disturbances resulting from service to our country.  Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, post traumatic war syndrome and generalized anxiety attacks are all welcome.
  • Veteran Dependents (adults over 18) Support Group / Open Process — Often when a veteran with anxiety-related issues resulting from service returns home,  families are at a loss as to how to help.  This group is aimed at helping family members assist their loved ones in making a smooth transition upon their return from deployment. 

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